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I have multiple Bible apps on my devices, but I use The Bible App by YouVersion 95% of the time because it offers the perfect balance between form and function. A … Noet focuses on scholarly tools. Reply. Logos Bibel-Software ist eine riesige elektronische Bibliothek, die neben den Bibeltexten in vielen Versionen eine Fülle an Werken über die Bibel - vornehmlich aus christlicher Perspektive - und weitere christliche Literatur aller Konfessionen und Denominationen bietet. Bob Pritchett. Signing in for the first time may take a while. Logos Bible Software Reviews Logos Bible Software 66. This opens the phone’s camera and you take a photo of the page using the Scan button. Logos saves you research time, shelf space, and thousands of dollars—it even cites your sources for you. Faithlife publishes the Logos Bible suite of apps. On the left side, there’s also a new Outline column. Download TestFlight on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You can get the following apps. Customer Service. Getting Started. Top 10 Bible Study Software Programs, a review of various Bible software programs for the Mac, Windows, iPad, and other tablets and phones. Say I want to work through a thick book like Grudem’s Systematic Theology. At the top of every sermon is a “Preach” button that will take you to Preaching Mode. Logos Bible software (version 8) is out! The Logos Bible app excludes a few things that are offered in their desktop program. Great place to intern. 519 reviews for Logos Bible Software, rated 4.89 stars. It’s like having a research library with a personal research assistant in your pocket and on your computer. Faithlife publishes the Logos Bible suite of apps. Other than that this app surpasses every other bible App in the App Store when it comes to bible study and accessing a huge library of resources. Logos installieren. ChurchTechToday is the #1 church technology website for pastors, communicators, and leaders. It’s basically a web app that converts your sermon into digital sermon notes. Books & Reference. They added some of the settings to the menu found in the book viewer screen. But it is now the central starting point for any study. Share your voice on Apps Reviewed. So, here are my thoughts. That isn’t anything new. By. Olive Tree is simple when you need simplicity but adds features like the Reference Guide, which finds all the content in a library about the Bible displayed at the time like the Logos Bible Guides. As a seminary student and minister, Logos Bible Study saves me hours of research time. The software is vast in its scope but has good entry level points for the inexperienced user. Download them all and compare them. Pros "Great Software with lots of info at your fingertips. Logos remains the king of Bible study software. It looks like three vertical dots and sits in the upper right corner of the book viewer screen on both Android and iPhone. Required fields are marked *, © ChurchTechToday 2019 | Designed by RAD Ideas. Overall. Logos 9 is here! The Faithlife Study Bible has a lot of verse notes, book introductions, and multimedia tools to help students understand the Bible. Open the Reference Scanner from the Menu button in in the toolbar on an iPhone or iPad. And with the buying up of Word Search we loose a good Bible program and it seems that none of the easier features of Word Search are not included in Logos. So when you scroll through your notes, the slides will automatically change for you, eliminating any problems with that easily distracted pimple popper in the tech booth who keeps forgetting to switch your slides. Neben essen­ziellen Ausle­gungswerkzeu­gen und Daten­banken enthält diese kosten­lose Bibel­soft­ware eine kleine, aber feine Samm­lung von deutschen Bibeln, Kom­mentaren und … Logos combines a large Bible study library with the technology to instantly search every book to find exactly what youre looking for, no page flipping required. They all have to do with the automatic Scripture input. One click away is access to all the digital giving tips you need.�, 7 Tech Hacks to Engage With Scripture More in the New Year. On iPhone find it in the Menu opened from the button on the right end of the toolbar at the bottom. My first copy shipped on floppy discs and I have a fairly large stack of CDROMs from the early days of Logos. My Logos Cloud Review What is Logos Bible Software? Logos Bible Software is, hands down, the best overall Bible study software available today. February 19, 2019 at 2:18 PM. Explore the depth of the Bible with friends, family, your church, or your school. As a Pastor and student having so much information all in one place is a big help." Unfortunately, I can’t comment much about updates to the mobile app because I only have access to the pre-release desktop version at this time. I love that you can’t change Scripture, but I don’t like that you can’t draw attention to a particular word or section of a verse. Beta versions of Windows. In previous versions of Logos, creating reading plans that divided up the sessions into chapters was somewhat challenging. But I do want to highlight a few of the updates that I think make Logos 9 worthy of consideration, and also a few of the problems. It finds references and shows the text for you. A quick start guide to build and grow your church’s online strategy. You’ll see some article summaries, related counseling topics, relevant Bible passages, and my new favorite feature, the “Quick-Reference Guide.”. There’s a lot you can do. This is Logos’ new Tabs feature. The Bible, which has always been the best-selling book since Johann Gutenberg made it possible to be smuggled into even the commonest of homes, has taken the app world by storm. Now Logos 9 has taken everything we love about Logos 8 and added even more practical features for pastors. The link to open it shows up in the upper right corner. You can choose a single page or scrolling layout and adjust the font style, size, spacing, and margins. Logos. I can’t say enough great things about Logos. By Steven Bancarz| I have been using Logos for several years now. ‎Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans. Testing Apps with TestFlight . My favorite (free! When you get Logos Basic, you get two free training courses (video, text, and audio) on how to use Logos Bible Software 7 for your own personal Bible study. I do a fair amount of counseling at my church between walk-ins, call-ins, and scheduled appointments. I use the product regularly to prepare sermons and research topics. It's based on some pretty powerful software from Logos. Share discoveries, inspiring quotes, encouraging verses, and so much more with your Faithlife community. Amy Jackson Page 1 of 2. Vyrso books don’t come with all the same features of books designed for the Logos or Faithlife Study Bible apps. I use the product regularly to prepare sermons and research topics. This is another feature for me that makes the Logos 9 upgrade absolutely worth it. The first thing to notice about YouVersion is it offers an incredibly clean reading interface. It produces the Logos Bible Software, but also publishes tools and resources under a number of other brands, and partners with more than 500 publishers to offer over 120,000 Christian ebooks available to users of its software. It consists of a free software engine (the Libronix Digital Library System), addin modules that provide specialized functionality, and collections of electronic books targeted to your needs." Your library is accessible on multiple devices with multiple tools. Patience has paid off so far. This sounds like the solution I was hoping for. As we prepare to enter a new year, many of us will resolve to engage with Scripture more. A Review of Logos 6 Bible Software. If you type Gen 1:1-2 and hit enter, the entire passage of Genesis 1:1-2 in your preferred translation and the slide(s) will pop up automatically. Ease of Use. The mobile app … The other aspect of the company product is its proprietary software to access digital stories of electronic books. Search “Bible apps” in either Google Play or the App Store, and you’ll be rubbing your bloodshot eyes for bed before you ever get finished exploring every great Bible-based app that can strengthen your walk with God. And you can take those courses within the Logos desktop app, too. Forward I've used various Bible study programs over the years. I’m not going to do a deep dive into the overhauled Factbook. If you copy a range of verses it inexplicably won’t copy the verse numbers on Android devices or the reference in either Android or iPhone. Syncs with Logos Bible Software across all platforms, so you can take your library anywhere Get over 90 free Bibles and books Take advantage of comprehensive, easy-to-use Bible study tools like the Passage Guide, Text Comparison, Bible Word Study, and more Highlight, take … 4.1 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 84 % Recommend to a Friend. This way, pastors like me who write manuscripts but preach from outlines could designate the pieces of their manuscript they would like to have with them on stage, rather than use the entire script or create a new document for the outline. On iPhone, it gives you the numbers, but not the reference. It will be on the bottom of the nav bar, in the re-organized menu, and in the reference box in any resource. Open the Reference Scanner to scan for Bible references in your paper books or in screenshots from other apps or documents on your phone. Sermon Manager is essentially an automatic Sermon Calendar in a Weekly Grid view to help you organize and plan your sermons. I use the Bible reading plan in Logos daily to help me read through the entire Bible in a year. It’s either the entire verse or paste part of the verse yourself. A library of biblical resources is built right in, making it simple to consult a commentary or reference work with a couple taps. Help developers test beta versions of their apps and App Clips using the TestFlight app. You can get the following apps. Your email address will not be published. The availability of Logos on iPhone is the reason I purchased my first iPhone. Logos offers a multitude of options for beginning Bible software users to the most serious academics and scholars. 2GB Random Access Memory (RAM) Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. I use it for my One Verse Podcast, but if you have a video channel, Logos Bible Software would be great for that as well. 4.8/5. The Logos team just keep out doing themselves. Hier sind vier Möglichkeit­en, Logos Bibel­soft­ware kosten­los zu testen. Not Now Install . Logos bible software is a dynamic integration of research features available for serious students of the Bible. Their landing pages promise oodles and oodles of resources, but they also don’t tell you that many of these included resources are in the public domain (and thus are available for free online) and others aren’t top quality. From the makers of Logos Bible Software, the Logos web app gives you Logos anywhere, with online Biblical commentaries and devotionals for in-depth Bible study. Tap a button to show thumbnails of all the open tabs in the browser. See the pasted text on the right. That leads me to my second biggest complaint about the new user interface. Jesus of Nazareth stands as the central figure in human history. This change comes with an added feature: users can sync multiple tabs and two windows in one tab. Logos Bible comes in multiple forms including the main Logos Bible mobile app available for Android (including the Kindle Fire tablets), iPhone, iPad and now on Chromebooks that support the Google Play Store. I began with the Scholar's Library: Silver, then upgraded to Gold. Read, study, and share your insights from wherever you are. This has most of the features of their Bible app but focuses the user on their excellent study Bible. I've also added language reference modules and commentaries. Home & Hobby software downloads - Logos Bible Software by Logos Bible Software and many more … What's new? The complexity of pulling up a search was one of my biggest gripes about the app. It has Everything . From the makers of Logos Bible Software, the Logos web app gives you Logos anywhere, with online Biblical commentaries and devotionals for in-depth Bible study. But I did want to point out one feature that has me excited. For example, if I type “marriage,” I see topics about communication, conflict, boundaries, and more. The company has been committed to equipping the church in the field of life-changing Bible study since 1992. Jesus Studies Collection (64 vols.) Bible; Logos 8 Bible Software Review. These images can even be turned into slides. If you’re looking for a Bible study app then you don’t need to bother with these. Logos runs on on any platform, Windows and Mac. Was viele unser­er Kun­den gar nicht wis­sen: Das ist tat­säch­lich möglich! Logos Bible Software Review – Positive #8: Helps Create Videos and Audio Lessons. Pastor Kevin blogs at It’s great for seeing an overview of your message and jumping to different parts of the sermon. I use Vyrso for reading a book instead of doing serious Bible study with commentaries and word study books. To change a resource in a window, users must tap this button and then the Change Resource menu item instead of tapping the Title of the book viewer like you used to do in the old user interface. Zur Sicher­heit. Overall, it’s much improved. The app does have a few issues that need resolving. So should you get Logos 9? The designers and developers redesigned the apps with “tabbed browsing” and new features like “reference scanner.” The update simplified the reader view of books. You can change the background and style, but you can’t highlight, underline, italicize, bold, or change the text in any way to add emphasis. The first thing to notice about YouVersion is it offers an incredibly clean reading interface. I wish Preaching Mode had an option to designate the text you want to be included (like with the handouts feature). Home & Hobby software downloads - Logos Bible Software by Logos Bible Software and many more … Logos Bibelsoftware (englisch Logos Bible Software) ist eine Bibelsoftware zum Studium und der Exegese der Bibel mit einer integrierten digitalen Bibliothek.Entwickelt wird Logos von der US-amerikanischen Faithlife Corporation.Das Programm läuft unter Android, iOS, Windows, macOS und als Webanwendung.Nachdem das auf Logos beruhende deutsche Bibelprogramm Stuttgarter … They all function similarly to the Bible app, Faithlife Study Bible, and Vyrso. Writers will write something like, “God loves everyone in the whole world enough to sacrifice Jesus for them (John 3:16) and that is how we get salvation.” If you read that sentence and didn’t know John 3:16 by heart, you’d need to open your Bible or the Logos Bible app and find the reference. Above you’ll see that after selecting a range of verses and hitting Copy from the pop-up menu, I copied it into another app on my Android phone. Still, I miss the ability to sync open books from the main screen using the link the lower right corner that the developers removed. Steven Bancarz - December 1, 2018. You can also still create fill in the blanks and questions that will automatically be compiled for handouts. Nothing else has the tremendous amount of resources as Logos does. The software isn’t easy to learn. So Logos will now follow suit. DISCOUNT: Use this link to get 15% off Logos 9 and 5 free books. My laptop is set for light during the day and dark at night. I truly don't know how I managed without it in the past. It’s frustrating to feel like you’ve sunk a lot of money into a product you don’t know how to use. On the left above you’ll see Reference Scanner in the menu which you open from the button in the upper left corner. Accordance has an iOS version and will soon offer one for Android. 3041. Please Faithlife, if you are listening, give us more customization options with Scripture passages in the Sermon Building. The Reference Scanner finds the references quickly and displays the Bible verse. What this means is that you can literally have your entire library in your pocket. "That's what Logos Bible Software is all about. Share your voice on 1. Logos Bible Software Reviews. by Dan Phillips For several months now, I have been using Logos Bible Software in addition to BibleWorks 7. Full Logos Bible books usually cost more than Vyrso books. The app will show the user the Tab View. Report abuse. Windows RT. Signup for email updates and get the 7 Step Sermon Prep Checklist, and 9 Sermon Graphics for free! A clock in the top-left corner helps you can keep an eye on the time. Logos 8 was a tremendous jump forward for the Bible software with performance improvements and powerful new features like workflows, notes, the sermon editor, and more. Really loved all the kind people and the good environment. 36 Ratings. Ministry Brands Builds Church Powerhouse, Acquires Shelby Systems, 5 Best Bible Study Programs on the Market Today, Interview With Stephen Johnson, CEO of OliveTree Bible Software, RocoCPM Church Project Management Software Aims to Streamline Church Workflow, Innovative Loudspeaker Technologies for Churches. I worked at Logos Bible Software . Logos is a complex and incredibly powerful, professional application for Bible study. And there’s also a countdown timer that you can set to help you not run over your given sermon time. They don’t just offer one, but multiple apps. Our Logos libraries contain a lot of “normal” books (monographs) that we want to read chapter by chapter. Logos Bible Study Tools – their main app with more advanced features. Very fulfilling place to work. I hate to admit it, but this could put my Sermon Calendars out of business. You can toggle on or off being able to see your slides so you know what should be on the screen. Instead, it behaves like the popular mobile browsers for iPhone and Android. Your resources, notes, highlights, and other information automatically syncs between all of your devices and you’ll always have the most up-to-date software. I’ve been using a pre-release version of Logos 9 heavily over the last few weeks. It’s not convenient if there’s only one reference on the page, but when you see a lot of them, this feature will scan the page and list each reference. If not, you could miss out on some of the less obvious, but incredibly valuable tools available to you. The Logos Bible app packs a lot of power in a decent app. They don’t just offer one, but multiple apps. On the right side column, there’s a new Sermon Info panel. (Nicht alle Funktionen sind in jeder Version verfügbar) Benutzung und Synchronisierung auf beliebig vielen Geräten (solange Sie der einzige Nutzer sind). Bible, games, videos, episodes of the Bible and more. If it finds multiple references, it will list them and the user can tap the one they want to view. Faithlife removed some of the settings we used to find here. Logos Bible Software: a review. As a long time Logos owner… I’m frustrated that we have to cough up alot of money at each upgrade of Logos. The Guides in Logos do a great job of quickly finding resources for the user. However, they often update Vyrso books and add these features later and let you use them at no extra cost in the Logos Bible app. Is it worth it? The new user interface for the Logos Bible App. Who Should Use Bible Software? There are things like Assessment questions with fill-in notes so you can record their answers, Key Thoughts to help guide your discussion, a list of Biblical Insights, Wise Counsel bullet points, and even Action Steps they may want to take. This isn’t always a problem, but there are times when I only need to quote a smaller portion of a verse. I have been using Logos Bible Software since the middle 1990s. The Logos Bible App still includes the following useful tools. Logos does offer more than most, and on Android, it’s probably the most powerful tool available. Thankfully, you can also customize the layout. This will link whatever notes you create in that notebook to your sermon. Right above is the Edit Sections screen on Android. That’s no longer the case with Logos 9. Ask, and you shall receive. People who read a lot of physical books or read books from other apps, like Kindle, will love this feature. Cristina says. Läuft auf allen Systemen. And there are mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as an online Web app which gives you access to all of your unlocked content on the go. It seems to take a few more taps to do simple things, like changing the book in a tab to a new book and syncing books in open tabs or adding a second book window to the book viewer. At first glance, long time Logos users might not notice the new features without close investigation. We will take a look, focusing in mostly on the Logos Bible app. With the goal to provide insight into a variety of topics including social media, websites, worship, media, mobile, and software, ChurchTechToday aims to shed light on how church technology can empower and position churches for impact and growth. For years, Logos Bible Software fans have voiced two complaints: The software is expensive. It’s like having a research library with a personal research assistant in your pocket and on your computer. Logos is still a powerful, professional-grade Bible study software for academics and seminary students as it always has been. If you feel as unprepared for counseling as I was, this tool alone is worth the price. These handy guides give you an immediate tool to work through with the people you are counseling. I have multiple Bible apps on my devices, but I use The Bible App by YouVersion 95% of the time because it offers the perfect balance between form and function. I was wondering if the pictures/media that you are able to input within notes is available for viewing and adding from mobile as well? Windows 10 64-bit "Anniversary Update" (1607) or later 1. It’s either everything in one block paragraph, making the text so small it could be unreadable for the audience, or one verse per slide, which can be more than you want to break it up, or letting it break naturally with each paragraph fully formatted, which can still make a large paragraph too much for a single slide. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. You can see a list of all sermons for the current year, upcoming 6 months, sermons you have already preached, or sermon ideas, and more. 4.6/5. SHARE ON: Joel Arnold — December 23, 2016. Logos. Especially for us powerpoint users… the key to putting together a powerpoint presentation is the ability to alter verses and insert pictures from the internet as we create. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Logos Bible Study Tools. Before, users tapped in the lower right corner of the main screen, but the new design forces users to tap the Tab View button and then tap on the sync button in the lower left corner of the screen. How does this major update serve the users of their Logos Bible app on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and on Chrome OS devices supporting the Google Play Store? And is it worth the upgrade? Pro­bieren geht über Studieren. Longtime users of the Logos Bible app will notice first the new tabbed browsing feature. You can also get the Faithlife Study Bible app. Logos Bible Study Apps. P. Shaw. The Reference Scanner will scan the text of an image taken with the phone camera. After selecting the appropriate topic, there is a great list of resources. 90 % Approve of CEO. It may be out by the time you read this so search the Google Play Store for it. As before, the sermon builder still automatically creates slides for you that can be exported to PowerPoint or other presentation software, saving you hours of slide deck creation. Not compatible with:. Let’s say you’re reading a web page filled with Scripture references. We’re all about preaching here at, so it won’t come as a shock to you that the upgraded sermon builder is the feature that has me the most excited. iPhone on the right and Android on the left. Which Bible app should you choose? Great review, thanks so much. Windows 8.1 and earlier. Left & Center above shows it on iPhone. Search for your topic or reference, and you’ll find quick links to articles, media, Bible passages, resources from your library, useful facts, and more. I didn’t know that I needed it, but now that I have it, I like it. There’s also a beautiful Radial Calendar for an interesting way to see your sermons. I rate it among the best Bible software programs available today. This way you can compare them yourself for free. The first thing you’ll notice is an updated layout that’s easier to use with less cluttered icons. The Kindle Fire app was a pleasant surprise. I don’t use the Reference Scanner that much since I read most theological books in Bible apps that contain the ability to display references by tapping them. Overall, Faithlife’s Bible app offers are robust and they offer something that fits everyone’s needs and personal study styles. The number of tools that are available are (honestly) overwhelming, but the experienced user can master these tools quickly.

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