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Using AI, Otter listens to your voice conversations and generates “smart notes” – accurate, machine-generated text that is synchronized with audio and enriched with speakers tags and summary keywords. Speak into your device’s microphone in English. Select the conversation you wish to review from My Conversations or from one of your groups or folders. Signing Up With Otter Let’s start with the website to create and set up your account. Real-time transcription for online lectures. Our What is Otter? Otter for Students. Additionally, we strive to ensure that people of all abilities can meet and collaborate with one another. You're bound to have questions and we're here to help! this is the destination application to which the audio is routed from the source application). quietly announced the new feature in a blog post earlier this month. Once you’ve checked those out, read on to learn more about downloading the Otter mobile app, create and share conversations, connect to third-party apps, and more. While recording or after-the-fact, you can highlight sentences in the Otter conversation with just one tap. Otter AI is artificial intelligence development offering real time transcription of conversations, meetings, calls, video conferences, lectures or other voiced audio recordings. If you are currently recording, you can also tap on the highlight marker icon at the bottom-right corner to highlight the last complete sentence in the live conversation. It provides automatic recognition using AI technology developed for transcription. Integrations Connect, simplify, and automate. You can share the conversation with someone or a group; add a photo, comment, and highlight within the transcript; and present the real-time transcription on a full screen. Account settings & preferences Adjust your settings and preferences to make Otter work just for you. Distance learning can be a pain, but Otter gives you all the tools you need to get ahead and stay ahead. Otter will begin transcribing your voice and show the transcription in real-time. Many of us are remote workers for the time being, and phone/video remains an important tool for daily work communication. Log in to, then click Apps in the left panel. … Look for Otter Live Notes and click Add. To create your own voiceprint, click your name in the top left > Account settings > My voiceprint. At the bottom of the page, click the Cancel plan link. For web, you can drag and drop multiple files into the import pop-up window. Here are some of the things you can do: With the Otter for Google and Microsoft calendar add-on, you can view upcoming meetings and receive reminder notifications. Transcribing an online meeting, webinar, or event, share a conversation with someone or a group. To update the basic info in your profile and change your settings, click your profile photo or initial in the top left > Account Settings. Transcribe a live video with When you share a conversation with a group, everyone in the group will have access to the conversation and be notified via email and push notification. Note for existing users: Find conversations you've recorded or imported in My Conversations. Note: This feature is available with the Pro plan or higher. From recording to creating groups, learn how Otter works from top to bottom. To save the highlight, tap “Highlight” in the pop-up menu. We looked beyond peer note takers for a highly accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use app and found" Dr. Nickey Woods. With a user login, 600 transcription minutes are offered for free. has had the ability to transcribe recordings of past Zoom meetings for a little while now. Otter helps you capture, find, and share important moments from your meetings, interviews, and everyday conversations so you can stay focused, save time, and work more effectively. Connect your calendar to Otter from the Apps page. Learn more about Otter's plans and features. In doing so, it will create your voiceprint. You will be directed to the Zoom login page. By integrating with its video services, Zoom is, in effect, catching up to competitors and removing a key differentiator between the three platforms. In the web app, click the round account button at the top-right corner of your screen. Let's get started! Your group will receive a notification when the recording starts with a link to the transcription. You'll be asked to record yourself reading a short script that Otter will use to analyze your speech pattern and characteristics. Step 4: Extend your account with connected apps and services. For mobile, if you want to import a file that resides in the cloud, please download it to your mobile device first and try again. If you wish to pause the recording momentarily, select the pause button (, To finish recording, select the stop button (.'s new video captioning feature is now available on Otter for Business and Zoom Pro and higher subscription packages. How to Automatically Transcribe Audio or Video Recordings using … 2. Select the gray import button at the top-right corner in the mobile app or the “Import audio/video” button in the web app to browse files on your device. Web Application: Search (opens in new window) in your web browser. If you have a Zoom Free plan only, you can manually import Zoom local recordings (audio_only.m4a) into Otter by following the instructions in the previous section. Mobile: is available for iOS and Android and is available in the App Store and Google Play. You can use it to take notes at your meetings and interviews, capture your thoughts and ideas while you’re driving in the car, and transcribe your existing recordings and podcasts. Apps connect your Otter account with the tools and services you use every day. Video conferencing solutions such as Zoom have become a key component of people's daily workflow. Otter turns your voice conversations into smart notes that you can easily search and share. Therefore, we introduced an integration with Zoom ("Otter Live Notes") to improve remote working productivity and enhance the meeting experience for those with accessibility needs. Click the “Done” button when all files have finished successfully, as shown by the progress bar. Using Otter From recording to creating groups, learn how Otter works from top to bottom. Let's explore the different parts of Otter! The account settings page enables you to configure and manage your account. For web, the import may take a few minutes to finish, depending on the size of your files and the upload speed of your internet connection. Tap on a sentence you wish to highlight and move the start/end markers to modify the selection as needed. Click LIVE on Live Notes > View Stream on Live Notes to open Otter Live Notes in a web browser 5. You can teach Otter jargon, names, and any other vocabulary words you choose to increase the accuracy of Otter, becoming the AI assistant you've always wanted. For best results, place the microphone within three feet of anyone who is speaking and try to minimize background noise. How to Access You will see the text  in real time while recording, as long as your device is connected to the internet. With Otter, you'll be able to create and collaborate on transcriptions to get work done faster and be more productive. To rename your conversation, simply select the current title to edit it, then select the “Done” button to save your changes. Record Live Conversations in App or on the Web Tap the blue microphone button in the mobile app or click the blue “Start recording” button in the web app to begin recording immediately.

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