how long is a school day in greece

General education from this point on was provided by the general lyceums. Modern Structure: The structure of the educational system in Greece in 2001 is organized into three levels: primary, which includes a two-year preprimary since 1985 that is not compulsory; secondary;, and tertiary. The duration of one lesson in all secondary schools is 45 minutes. Take a ten question quiz about this page. As there are usually more applicants than places available in certain fields of study, students with the highest average exam results are selected, e) For admission to programmes requiring specialised knowledge or skills, special admission examinations are require in one or more certain subjects (such as fine arts, architecture, music studies, foreign languages, and others) or compulsory preparatory tests (such as medical assessment, fitness, sports, psychometric). Greece, as a member of the international organizations for child protection, has planned the special education program in order to respond to two basic principles: integration and participation. of Greece Ministry of Education (Υ.ΠΑΙ.Θ.) Public schoolsin Greece are tuition-free and students on a state approved list are provided textbooks at no cost. Schoolchildren in Spain, Ukraine, Greece, South Korea, Brazil, France, Finland and Italy eat a remarkable array of fresh foods for lunch, unlike the UK and US trays, which are full of processed items. The Ministry exercises control over public schools, formulates and implements legislation, administers the budget, coordinates national level university entrance examinations, sets up the national curriculum, appoints public school teaching staff, and coordinates other services. ; 2013–Present), 3 years non-formal secondary education. ), 6 years special education at HQF Level 2, Public Schools of Tourism Education (ΔΣΤΕ; Δημόσιες Σχολές Τουριστικής Εκπαίδευσης) are operated by Ministry of Tourism. Most Greek children, especially the girls, never went to school. If a family had someone who knew how to read and write, the boys were taught how. The typical school day is from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and lunch is eaten at school. Balance between school-and work-based training: in-company (ca. The term is 5 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 12 consecutive weeks. They are under the supervision of the MoE and are required to follow the national curriculum and to use the same textbooks as the public schools. ; 1977–Present) is accredited by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. ), National Organisation for the Certification, Technical Vocational School (TES; discontinued; 1977–1998), Technical Vocational Training Centre, Cycle-A (TEE; discontinued), General Lyceum of Cross-Cultural Education, Integrated Multilateral Lyceum (EPL; discontinued), Technical Lyceum (equivalent; discontinued; 1977–1985), Vocational Lyceum (equivalent; discontinued; 1977–1985), Gymnasium (i.e. The length of the school year for 1995-1996 was September 11 to June 15 for primary schools, and September 1 to June 30 for secondary. Facts and Figures (Supervision: Prof. V. Koulaidis. There are also opportunities to give back while visiting Greece by volunteering in animal and sea-life conservation, community development, or education. Special schools share buildings with mainstream schools; they partially integrate the curriculum and totally integrate the social activities. Special education councilors promote the integration of SEN pupils by providing instruction and support programs for teachers in the mainstream schools. Admitted students must have completed at least the lower secondary education school (gymnasium or its equivalent). Law 309 (1977) abolished the lower vocational schools and replaced them with technical/vocational schools (TES). The Greek Summer is the heat of hot sand of beach and mixture of aromas from warm sea water, flowering herbs and hot coffee from neighboring cafes. Many children attend private "cramming" classes (frontisteria), after school to prepare for the university entrance exams. They studied science and math. Arlene & Eric, recent guests on my Athens walking tour, guided by the inimitable Finiki: “We had a really splendid time on our walk with you. Easy reading. Both cities are in Thrace. Because education is prized as an end in itself and as a means of upward mobility, there is a great demand to enter universities. Entrance is based on exams. Growing up, they had pets and toys. It is awarded "Απολυτήριο Δημοτικού" (Apolytirio Dimotikou, primary school leaving certificate) which gives automatic admission to the lower secondary education (gymnasium). Tours. Children's education in England is normally divided into two separate stages. The Turkish language, as well as religion, is taught in these schools. Compulsory education starts with the primary school at five and a half or six years. The school year begins on September 1st and runs until June 21st. Graduates of the apprenticeship class will receive "Βεβαίωση Πιστοποίησης Μεταλυκειακού Έτους Τάξης Μαθητείας" (Certificate of Post-Lyceum Year Apprenticeship Class) signifies completion of Apprenticeship Class programme. The national supervisory role of the Ministry is exercised through Regional Unit Public Education Offices, which are named Regional Directorates of Primary and Secondary School Education. The courses for them in these ancient Greek school were actually quite painful. It includes 1 year post-secondary apprenticeship dual programme (non-tertiary; Dual VET two-track vocational training system) belongs to the non-formal education having alternating periods in an EPAL school unit with theory classroom (1 day/week, 7 hrs per day) and at the workplace with work practice training (4 days/week, 7 hrs per day). Technician of Thermal and Hydraulic Installationsand Technology of Oil and Natural Gas, 4. The curriculum included the humanistic heritage of the classics and the orthodox religion but it was progressive: catechism, elements of Greek reading, writing, arithmetic, measures and weights, drawing, singing and, when possible, elements of geography, Greek history, and physical sciences. Lyceum (Λύκειο, Lykeio, Upper Secondary Education School; High School: the US term for upper secondary school) non-compulsory education 3 years. Most preschools, also known as pre-primary, are attached to and share buildings with a primary school. The Importance of Athens in Greek History. Admitted students must have completed at least the upper secondary education (lyceum). ” We had usually between 6 and 10 hours a day in Germany, so school from 7:40 until 17:00 and later was not not that uncommon. Grading begins in Year 3, and written exams are introduced in Year 5. The Greek education system includes primary ( dimotiko ) and lower secondary ( gymnasio ) education. What Greek Kids are Eating for Lunch and Why American School Lunches Should be More Greek October 9, 2014. [64][65][66], Vocational Lyceum 3 years (EPAL; Επαγγελματικό Λύκειο; ΕΠΑ.Λ. The Greek government intends to establish technical/vocational schools for the Muslim minority, provided there is agreement among the Muslim communities. After high school, they attended military school, where they learned to be good warriors. “What about time spent in school: “Traditionally, the German school day has started at 8:00 a.m. and finished at 1:00 or 2:00 p.m”. The people who were living there thousands of years ago are called the Ancient Greeks , and a lot of things they did help to make up our society today. The public IEK graduates have very lower limited employment rate with highly per cent rejection within labour market due to their lower performance. at all levels. Information Technology Applications Technician, 2. It awarded "Απολυτήριο Γενικού Λυκείου" (Apolytirio Genikou Lykeiou, General Lyceum Apolytirio, General Lyceum Certificate, Upper Secondary Leaving Certificate, General High School Diploma). Their school was not as brutal, but all girls in ancient Sparta could wrestle and fist fight and handle a weapon. 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They played all kinds of games, especially games of strength and endurance. 30%). It must not confuse with its usage in the English language, whereby the word Degree refers to Higher Education qualification title only. [67], Α School of Meat Professions (SEK; Σχολή Επαγγελμάτων Κρέατος; Σ.Ε.Κ. Days Per Year: 221. The EPAS of OAED awarded "Πτυχίο Επαγγελματικής Σχολής" (i.e. Joint Ministerial Decree 153/79899/Α5, Government Gazette 1904 Β'/28.05.2019", "Health Provision, Decree Y1γ/Γ.Π./οικ. Students wishing to access study programmes in Higher Education must be both secondary education school graduates (lyceum or its equivalent) holding Apolytirio Lykeiou (lyceum certificate or its equivalent) and must take nationally set examinations officially entitled "Πανελλαδικές Εξετάσεις" (Pan-Hellenic Examinations, Panelladikes Eksetaseis) which is an externally assessed national standardized test given one time in any given school year, which also accept all adult ages for candidates. Education in Greece is centralized and governed by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (Υ.ΠΑΙ.Θ.) At the end of each semester there were examinations. Since the 1976 reforms, it includes the three-year lower secondary school (gymnasium) lasting 9 years, from age 6 to age 15. At the same time (1834) a teacher training institution was organized in Naupleion, the provisional capital of Greece. Car Rentals; About Us. It comprises six academic years of schooling name τάξεις (grades), numbered 1 through to 6. In the early days, when Rome was a kingdom, kids did not go to school. Students then have two weeks of vacation between each term. The length of a typical working week in Greece is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week starting at between 8am and 9am. In 1995-1996 there were 39 preschools, 138 primary schools, 10 schools for general secondary education, and four for technical/vocational education. All schools are coeducational. Average Class Size: 21. If September 11 is a Saturday or Sunday, then the start date would be the following Monday. Children aged three and a half can enroll in the preprimary. Μετα-δευτεροβάθμιου Κύκλου Σπουδών). EPAS Apprenticeship is an upper secondary two-track education system, Dual VET (Greek: δυικό σύστημα επαγγελματικής εκπαίδευσης και κατάρτισης), having alternating periods in a school with theory classroom and at the workplace with work-(traineeship) practice experience,[B] with terms are contractually regulated by law and labour agreement. Childcare services in Greece include crèches (vrefonipiakoi stathmoi), nurseries (nipiaka tmimata) and kindergartens (nipiagogeio). There are 12 weeks of summer holidays, two weeks for Christmas and two weeks for Spring/Easter. In the mornings they learned to read, write and do simple maths. The bodies of "non-typical education" term (φορείς μη τυπικής εκπαίδευσης), although they are fully or partially regulated by the state and lead to officially recognised qualifications, they are outside the formal education system, referred to as non-formal education. EOPPEP organisation is the statutory body for the IEKs. Student insurance and two-part agreement (Greek: Σύμβαση Μαθητείας) between the student and apprenticeship company are applied. There is educational television in the State television stations. After that came the university for four years. Students are entitled to receive at least the national minimum wage for their age. Middle school (gymnasio) – ages 12 to 14 3. Athens (30) Meteora (8) Delphi (9) Santorini (62) Mykonos (35) View all . Attendance in primary and Greek schools was compulsory—a total of seven years. See Answer. Another of the interesting facts about Greece, has to do with New Year. The School Day. Time: 7.30am – 5pm. EPAL Specialisation Diploma is titled "Πτυχίο Επαγγελματικής Ειδικότητας", shortened to simply "Πτυχίο", and transliterated to "Ptychio" (Greek: Πτυχίο; Ptychio in dhimotiki from 1976–present; or defunct Πτυχίον; Ptychion in polytonic, katharevousa up until 1976). Both girls and boys helped with chores. In the 1990s, with the influx of economic refugees, the number of foreign pupils attending Greek primary and secondary schools increased to 6 percent of the total. 35797/04.04.2012, Government Gazette 1199 B/11.04.2012", "Medical Health Certificate for Specific Employees (entries)", "Medical Health Certificate for Specific Employees", "Institute of Educational Policy (ΙΕΠ) Government Gazette Collection", "Specialties of Vocational Training School (EPAS) of OAED", "Specialties and Students Intake Circular 2020–2021 of Vocational Training School (EPAS) of OAED", "Statute Framework of Post-Lyceum Year Apprenticeship Class", "Establishment of Post-lyceum Year Apprenticeship Class", "General secretariat for vocational education, training and life-long learning (EEKDBM)", "EPAL Postlyceum Year Apprenticeship Class", "Post-lyceum Year Apprenticeship Class, 2019-2020", "Professional Rights of the Specialties of EPAL Apprenticeship Class", "Private and Public Schools Listing of Meat Professions (SEK)", "Certificate of Meat Processing Technician, Animal Slaughter", "IEK Course Offerings, Law 4186/2013, Article 23, Government Gazette 193Α'/13.09.2013", "Professional Rights of the Specialties ‒ IEKs, 1992", "Professional Rights of the Specialties ‒ IEKs, 2013", "University Rankings and comparison by country and by subject", "Law 3685/2008 Government Gazette 148 Α'/16.07.2008", "Ministry of Education according to Private Colleges (A)", "Ministry of Education according to Private Colleges (B)", "List of accredited Private Colleges in Greece by Ministry of Education", "Law 3879/2010, Government Gazette 163A' / 21.9.2010", "Law 4547/2018, Article 89, Government Gazette 102 A' / 12.06.2018", "European Youth Card Association (EYCA) for people 13 to 30 years old", "European Youth Card for people 13 to 30 years old", "Legal Framework of Post-secondary Education Centre (ΚΕ.Μ.Ε)", "List of Second Chance Schools in Greece", "National Qualification Framework (NQF) of Greece", "Descriptors defining levels in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)", "Professional Rights and Specialties of Vocational School (EPAS)", "Professional Rights and Specialties of Technical Vocational School (TES)", "Professional Rights and Specialties of Technical Vocational Training Centre, Cycle A", "Professional Rights and Specialties of Technical Vocational Training Centre, Cycle B", "Specialties of Technical Vocational Lyceum (1985–1998)", "Technical Vocational Education of Greece", "Specialties of Integrated Multilateral Lyceum (1985–1997)", "Professional Rights and Fields of Study of Integrated Multilateral Lyceum (EPL)", "Greece 'most corrupt' EU country, new survey reveals", "Corruption still alive and well in post-bailout Greece", "In Greece, corruption pervades every corner of life", "National Integrity System Assessment Greece", "Corruption Perceptions Worldwide Index 2019", "Greece National Transparency Authority (AED)", "The list of perjurers of public authorities", "Greece lawfulness of corporal punishment", "Abolishing corporal punishment of children: questions and answers", "The 6.000.000€ theft of ΟΕΕΚ Greek government agency", "Greece fourth place in school bullying amongst European countries", "Bullying and Cyberbullying across Europe (Proceedings of the 1st Scientific Conference of the European Anti-bullying Network)", "The Constitution of Greece ‒ The Fifth Revisionary Parliament of the Hellenes Resolves", "The Constitution of Greece - The Fifth Revisionary Parliament of the Hellenes Resolves", "Το Σύνταγμα της Ελλάδας, Άρθρο 16 (παιδεία, τέχνη, επιστήμη)", "Article 16 of the Part ΙΙ, Individual and Social Rights, Constitution of Greece", "Cumulative and Weighted Grade GPA Calculator", Greece and the International Monetary Fund, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople,, Articles with Greek-language sources (el), Articles with French-language sources (fr), Articles with German-language sources (de), Wikipedia articles that are too technical from May 2020, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Aesthetic Education - Theatrical Education, 2nd Foreign Language (Modern; French or German), Sociology (until 2020-2021), Latin (2021-2022, onwards), Foreign Language (Modern; French, or German), Introduction to the Principles of Computer Science, Orientation Group (Elective) of Second Grade, (it must choose 1 out of the 2 Orientation Groups), Orientation Group (Elective Academic Track) of Third Grade, Introduction to the Principles of Science of Computers, Three Elective Subjects (each subject is 2 hours/week), Orientation Group (Elective Academic Track), Each Grade has 32 Weeks and 35 Total Weekly Hours, Forestry protection specialist ‒ Beekeeping ‒ Poultry farming ‒ Greenhouse specialist ‒ Organic and ecological farming ‒ Technological applications and installations for floriculture and landscape architecture ‒ Mechatronics specialist for agricultural machinery repair and maintenance, Nutrition and dietetics ‒ Food and beverage technology, Management secretary ‒ Distribution specialist ‒ Customer service specialist ‒ Secretary of legal professions ‒ Teiresias/Individuals with vision problems/call centre operators, Sales clerk ‒ Warehouse and supply system clerk (logistics) ‒ Supplies and warehouse manager ‒ Insurance services clerk ‒ Bookstore clerk ‒ Computerized accounting office clerk (accountancy) ‒ Small business clerk ‒ Bank operations clerk ‒ Accounting office clerk ‒ Publishing house clerk ‒ Real estate agent / manager ‒ International commerce specialist ‒ Stock exchange operations clerk ‒ Industry - small business cost specialist ‒ Marketing and product promotion specialist ‒ Administrative and financial business specialist ‒ Statistical market research and polling specialist, Internet technician ‒ Information Technology (IT) applications specialist (multimedia, web design and development, video games) ‒ Computer systems technician ‒ Computer networks technician ‒ Multimedia applications technician ‒ Medical Information Technology (IT) applications technician ‒ Computer and office electronic machines technician ‒ System management and intranet / internet services technician ‒ Telecommunications and information transmission systems technician, Material control technician ‒ Technician of medicines, cosmetics and similar products, Clothing styling ‒ Clerical tailor ‒ Costume and fashion designer ‒ Technician of shoemaking, leatherwear and leather accessories, Structural projects ‒ Plastering ‒ Dry lining ‒ Painter ‒ Welder ‒ Masory and bricklaying ‒ Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialist ‒ Topographical applications, Gaseous fuels technician ‒ Automotive technician ‒ Mechatronics technician ‒ Heating facilities technician ‒ HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) installations technician ‒ Moped and motorcycle technician ‒ Work machinery technician ‒ Thermal and hydraulic facilities technician ‒ Water supply and sewage facilities technician ‒ Automotive paint and body (coachwork) repair technician ‒ Marine engines and recreational boats technician ‒ Computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool technician, Elevator technician ‒ Automation technician ‒ Medical instruments technician ‒ Automotive electrical technician ‒ Household appliances electrician ‒ Power engines winding technician ‒ Technician of measuring instruments ‒ Technician of internal electrical installations-facilities ‒ Assembly technician of small electronic devices ‒ Computer and office electronic machines technician ‒ Mobile telephony and telecommunications technician ‒ Electronic engineering technician for industrial applications ‒ Radio-Television and electro-acoustic arrangements technician ‒ Telecommunications and information transmission systems technician, Merchant navy master (captain) for recreational vessels (leisure), Sports journalism ‒ Journalism editor and reporter ‒ Radio station programme producer ‒ Film-camera operator/videographer, Bartending (commercial) ‒ Cookery (commercial culinary) ‒ Bakery and Patisserie (commercial pastry) ‒ Catering units services ‒ Hospitality animator ‒ Hospitality event management ‒ Tourism units and hospitality businesses (front office / reception, floor service / housekeeping, commodity education), Pharmacy aide ‒ Midwifery aide ‒ Ergotherapy aide ‒ Physiotherapy aide ‒ Nursing surgery aide ‒ General nursing aide ‒ Dental technician aide ‒ Medical laboratory aide ‒ Nursing traumatology aide ‒ Aide of actinology and radiology ‒ Special diseases nursing aide ‒ Oncology disease nursing aide ‒ Infant and child carer aide ‒ General nursing aide of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ‒ Rescuer of ambulance crew, Mosaic and stained glass ‒ Ceramics and pottery ‒ Watchmaking (horology) ‒ Acting in theatre and cinematography ‒ Drama arts direction ‒ Dance applied arts ‒ Music and song ‒ Music technology ‒ Sound recording ‒ Photography ‒ Painting art ‒ Art of sketch, illustration, graphics ‒ Metalworking ‒ Hagiography painting (Byzantine icons and mural) ‒ Jewellery design and handmade jewellery (designer and maker) ‒ Conservation of antiquities and works of art ‒ Painting conservation woodcraft and furniture making ‒ 3D Animation and graphic electronic design ‒ Graphic designer of print and electronic media ‒ Interior architectural decoration and objects design, Aromatherapy ‒ Hairdressing (hairdresser and barber) ‒ Cosmetologist, aesthetics and make-up (make-up beautician) ‒ Podology, nail beauty (manicure, pedicure) and onychoplasty ‒ Balneotherapy hydrotherapy and spa ‒ Balneotherapy thalassotherapy and spa ‒ Sport coach ‒ Oenology and winegrowing ‒ Milk processing ‒ Mount tourist guide ‒ Carnival constructions ‒ Persons (close protection officer) and sites security specialist ‒ Guard of museums and archaeological sites ‒ Trainer of candidade drivers of car and motocycle ‒ Air transoprt service specialist (flight dispatcher) ‒ Technical operator for personal computer and call centers, customer information and service for blind and visually impaired ‒ Preschool education activities of creation and expression, Business Administrative Services - Secretaries, Computer Programmers (of Secondary Education), Assistant Technicians of Biological and Medical Laboratories, Electricians of General Electrical Applications, Technician of Agri-food Societies and Agricultural Holdings, Technician of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, Technician of Arboriculture and Horticulture.

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