hobbs tuscany wool batting

g_mapProds['8404'] = {"sProdRef":"8404","nPrice":2895,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £24.00 g_mapProds['1!11549'] = {"sProdRef":"1!11549","nPrice":18995,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £167.00 Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is a wonderful blend of 80% fine cotton and 20% superwashed wool. Click on the words directly below to hear a voice recording by our director of sales & marketing, Stephanie Hackney: Hobbs Battings – Creating Them is A Mix of Art & Science. Hobbs Tuscany Batting is THE best choice for achieving the look and feel you desire in your quilts. Next. $15.99 - $43.99. g_mapProds['12511'] = {"sProdRef":"12511","nPrice":1985,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £39.95 It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding. g_mapProds['13692'] = {"sProdRef":"13692","nPrice":765,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £21.75 It's perfect for hand or machine quilting. increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]); Stephanie H from Hobbs Bonded Fibers tells us all about Wool batting. If your nearby retail store doesn’t yet stock what you’re looking for, ask them to order it for you either directly from us or though one of our many distributors. The best of two worlds! Hobbs Wadding from Hobbs Bonded Fibres are based in Waco, Texas and have manufactured high-quality quilt wadding for both home and commercial quilters since 1978. Hobbs Bonded Fibers has been committed to quilters and the quilting arts since 1978. Hobbs Batting Tuscany 100% Washable Wool x 120in King, 120" x 120" 4.6 out of 5 stars 35. Hobb's Heirloom 80/20 Bleached King. British Craft Awards 2017Mats, Cutters, RulersFor the best selection of rotary cutters, cutting mats and patchwork rulers.Featured Product Find it at image[number++] = "" image[number++] = "" 80/20 x 96 wide by 27.4 meters $328.57 . 80% cotton and 20% wool Size: 60" x 60" Price: $15.98 Sale: $15.98 each. Quilter's Dream Select Heavy Mid Loft Batting for Quilting (All Sizes) (Crib, Natural) 4.9 out of 5 stars 123. Additionally, we’ll do our best to keep you informed about the latest additions to the Hobbs product lines. image[ number++ ] = "" Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is a super soft and cuddly batting that's ideal for bed quilts or as a second batting layer (behind Hobbs' Tuscany 100% Wool Batting) in show quilts. $29.99 . image[ number++ ] = "" It is our policy to provide on-time delivery of products which consistently meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations, and to create a culture in which we continually enhance the quality of our products and internal processes – this is accomplished through a strategy of continuous improvement, training and management involvement. image = new image(); g_mapProds['779'] = {"sProdRef":"779","nPrice":640,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £9.95 image[ number++ ] = "" Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Blend Wadding - 114x152cm / 45x60in (Baby/Crib) £9.99. Size: 96" Blend: 80% natural cotton and 20% fine polyester Best suited for: Medium … image = new image(); It gives you warmth without weight, and washes up perfectly. g_mapProds['12512'] = {"sProdRef":"12512","nPrice":3995,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £57.55 image[ number++ ] = "" Size: 114x152cm / 45x60in. It provides excellent warmth with very little weight. image[ number++ ] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" So do those that sleep under the quilt using Heirloom/Tuscany Wool. SKU: TUSCANY TU 96 QUEEN. $31.99 - $62.99. image[ number++ ] = "" View Product … I would also suggest Hobbs Batting. Copyright © Hobbs Bonded Fibers. More Buying Choices $21.00 (5 new offers) Quilters Dream Wool Throw Size 60" X 60" 5.0 out of 5 stars 12. image = new image(); g_mapProds['8403'] = {"sProdRef":"8403","nPrice":1095,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £28.95 From using only the very best 'ingredients' to create this line of premium batting, to the way each batt is lovingly hand-folded and hand-packaged, this is THE batting for beautiful quilts that last! Item Number: Our Price: From $124.99 to $305.99. X 30 YDS. It is recommended to dry your projects flat. image[ number++ ] = "" We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. All Rights Reserved. This Tuscany blend batting provided superb insulation and the fibers breathe allowing excess heat to dispense away from the body. Hobbs Batting Tuscany Unbleached Cotton King Size Quilt Batting. We both do our own quilting...Thank you again for making a wonderful product! PRODUCT. image[ number++ ] = "" SKU: TCW96 (283) Availability: In stock. number = 0; Hobb's Tuscany Bleached Cotton- Queen 96 x 108. x 108 in. g_mapProds['8156'] = {"sProdRef":"8156","nPrice":5995,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £19.85 Ask for Hobbs Tuscany, Heirloom, Poly-Down and Thermore products by name. Hobbs Batting Tuscany 100% Washable Wool x 120in King, 120" x 120" 4.3 out of 5 stars 23. image[ number++ ] = "" PRODUCT. g_mapProds['758'] = {"sProdRef":"758","nPrice":1380,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £17.50 image[ number++ ] = "" image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" BATTING SUPER Quilt Batting (Wadding) for Discerning Quilters. View Options Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batting. 4.4 out of 5 stars 28 ratings. Tuscany Collection Cotton Wool Blend Throw Quilt Batting Hobbs #TCW60. image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Wadding Strips are made from our much-loved Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Batting. Home; Sale Schedules; Super Sale; Dream; Hobbs; Stitch In Time; Accessories; Thread; PACKAGE Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Package, Queen 96 in. Reply. increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]); image[number++] = "" function image() { }; Best Quilting Retailer, UK. Hobbs Batting Filters Filters. Many quilters prefer to use Hobbs Heirloom or Tuscany Wool batting. image[ number++ ] = "" Distributors & Retailers, we consider you to be our partners. HOBBS QUILT BATTING. Quilters Dream Wool Batting Twin Size 72" x 93" 4.2 out of 5 stars 29. Hobbs Tuscany 100% Wool Batting is a favorite choice for both hand and machine quilters, and it’s fast becoming the number-one choice for show quilts (often paired with a second batting such as Hobbs’ Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting). image[number++] = "" g_mapProds['764'] = {"sProdRef":"764","nPrice":3295,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £10.95 Hobbs Batting Tuscany 100% Washable Wool x 120in King, 120" x 120" Brand: Hobbs. Hobbs Thermore is a thin, drapeable wadding suitable for clothing or quilts. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . PRODUCT. Love, Mary. Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Batting is made with fine USA cotton blended with the very best superwash wool. Sold by the Package. I'm starting with a lot of disclaimers. Quilt Batting (Wadding) for Discerning Quilters. image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" Here’s a quick look at our products – click on this chart to open and enlarge it, and then right-click to the right of the chart after opening and enlarging it to print it, and please let us know if you have questions: Quilters, you will find your favorite Hobbs products at your favorite local quilt shops, fabric retailers and/or general craft stores. image[ number++ ] = "" She appreciates that Hobbs provides natural fibers, as she makes lots of baby quilts and she emphasized the safety of natural fibers in quilts as well as the quality and warmth. Review of Hobbs Tuscany Collection Cotton Wool Blend Batting It was not my original intent to do a public review of Hobbs Tuscany Collection Cotton Wool Blend batting, but after I posted that I was using it for the first time last week, so many of you responded and wanted to know my thoughts. Hobb's Tuscany Wool Throw. image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" image[ number++ ] = ""

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